Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Kazuya!!!

Today is Kame's birthday!!! Yay!! :D haha! It means another year older liao.. but still so cute.. i dont know why.. hehehehehe.. ok lah.. i know why lah.. cause I still like him.. 😅 CAUSE HE SO CUTE.. ok.. never ending cycle. But today, I feel like a new person altogether.. yaya, bian lao liao is like that one lah.. hahaha! But i think age doesn't really mean anything.. and when people try to go against you.. just let them be lor.. there will be people who appreciate you for who you are.. like my Kame, for example.. so many guys hate him sia, cause their girlfriends break up with them cause of him.. then he so sad until he cry.. :( then i so sad.. but these girls also siao one.. i dont understand why when you already got the one you want then you still want to leave them.. crazy.. anyway, going back to topic, he was so sad.. he cried cause of this.. he cried cause he fought with his best friend.. he cried cause he sat on his first roller coaster for the girl he liked.. and he had a fear of heights.. and the girl rejected him.. hahaha! That girl must be regretting now sia.. hahahaha! Even though he cried over all these things, he's still up on his feet.. not giving up.. so now.. he's still standing strong.. and I am so happy for him lah! Cause I love him so much.. 😁 i will never stop loving him with that amount of determination! ❤ ok, this post is only about the birthday boy.. so its okay if you all dont read.. but i think by now you all would have finished reading this longlong post.. hehehehe.. but anyway.. Happy Birthday Kazuya~ 😘

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy CNY!

These few days was CNY! today.. I went to visit 2 of my friend's house.. along the way, I passed by places that reminded me of the times we had.. i smiled, thinking about the days we use to have.. and I felt sad that we might not have such days together again.. well, the Singapore is so small.. Sometimes, places that holds the most memories is the place where we start a new path... Going different ways, leaving the memories behind.. and think that starting afresh is better than being stuck in the past.. 😊

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

(: Talking about life as it is

The truth is, I am so sorry that my story 1st part so short.. cause I wrote it on my phone.. hahaha!! So now, in this post, I am going to talk about how I have been feeling these few days.. Some people might have been concerned about the way I was acting and some.. well.. they were just there.. so anyway.. when I started becoming aware of my feelings and surroundings.. I realise that there is no point in wanting it, or even craving for it.. because at the end of the day, I am just going to end up hurting myself.. about that.. I have come to a conclusion.. to not expect.. and be happy with what I have at this moment and time in life.. and I was down because of friends being not as close.. but I realise that it might not be that the bond is breaking cause of certain people, but because effort put in is lost.. also that since everyone each has their own position, it turned out like the ranked each other as according to the different positions.. I believe that this is not the way.. I think I do regret not wanting the position, but at the same time, the reason why I did not want that position is because I dont want to just be the only one to lead.. I want everyone to lead together. Being the leader is obviously not going to be easy, but sometimes, all you need is your members around, be it if they are in the committee or not.. I am not sure if I said this before.. So Im going to slide in a short memory of mine when I first joined Ippudo..

Basically, I was excited, because I loved the ramen there.. In the beginning, our GM would sit at the side, and just rest.. but he would never interact with anyone.. it might be because of the language barrier, or it might be that everyone was afraid of him.. well.. he was very strict, and I admire him for that. However, it felt like he was lonely.. when people were talking, he was just sitting at that very same corner.. So, I started talking to him. First, I used my CMI japanese (at that time, I havent join the school) so all I had were sentences formed by random words..

He laughed.. and everyone was surprised. Who would have thought that this person, the lead of our restaurant could laugh like that when he was so strict and so serious at work? Well, I did.. Do you know why? Because the main thing in life is to have fun and be happy.. If not what's the point of living.. and it was just that one act that made him open up to the rest of the staff. They still put their upmost respect in him, because he knows what he is doing and at he same time, he is able to convey his feelings to everyone else.

I really liked this job, because I was acknowledged for my hard work. He was the one observing, and RAISING MY PAY WOOOOO~ but anyway.. I am glad, and happy for that.. until that one day, I had to leave.. he told the store manager to talk to me... and he really wanted me to stay.. but I just had other duties so I couldnt.. and I was so sad to leave.. but I had no choice..

Well, memories of working in this place will never leave my mind, because I know that it is the place where I can keep my mind off things as well as the place where I made someone happy, because that place made me happy too.. even though the working hours were madness.. but I will never forget the team that made me learn new things everyday and understand people better...

SO, thats all for my long post.. haha!! next time.. My story is my story pt2 ok?? :D

Monday, February 16, 2015

My story is my story Part 1

  I was once a quiet girl. All the friends I had was this one best friend, who taught me happiness. Well, at that time, I was a transfer student.. and I did not even know what was going on. However, this friend of mine, she was the first to talk to me, and since that day, we played together, laughed together, enjoying everyday of our lives.. and just like everyone else, we had quarrels and fights, but the very next day, it seemed like nothing has happened and we put the past behind us, continuing that friendship.
  Happiness do exist, but they might not last.. and she had to go back to her country the next year, but she will be the best friend that I will never forget. She was the one who made me believe that people out there can change your life and that as hope is never lost. So, if anyone of you are my friend, you always will be, be it if we fought or quarrelled. So if one day, when you feel down that you dont have any friends, you all still have me.  😊

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I still feel sad when I see that.. 😔 but I cant do anything buy dont see.. haiyo.. but its okay, work is distracting me from such stuffs.. but i still have 1 assignment incompleted thats due tomorrow! Hopefully I'll finish on time..

and I realise that I miss working like crazy.. hahaha.. and I miss the people I used to work with.. they were so nice, taught me so much stuffs and we had so much fun that I never missed supper with them.. but its our GM pay lah.. haha..

I still remember that when I first joined Ippudo, he was so quiet and like always sitting in a corner.. and later he started disturbing me.. haha.. and I got this manager always talking about rubbish, and another who cannot stand him.. she treats me damn nice too!

But well, many first times happened to me at that point of time, but those were the happy days. The sad days happened when I left.. so I guess when I went back, I changed, but the staff changed too, and that atmosphere was gone.. but I still like working there, just that.. I feel tired of pretence and fake smiles.. so i decided to come to uni..

I dont regret this decision though, but I realised that no matter where you are, people change, they dont stay as how they are everyday.. So I hope that I will stay as how I was, and when I change, its not too much. Haha! Im not even intending to change..

Thats because, I know I have changed too, everyone changes.. so now, I want to change back to who I used to be.. 😊

Thats all for now, I think for my next post I'll start telling stories, so if you read it.. hope you enjoy the drama.. hehehe..

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just another day

Yesterday after school, we went to play at a friend's house! And it's the first time I played the drums! It was so fun! Hahaha.. but I only know how to play on 2 drums only.. quite fun uh.. then the heart to heart talk just brought back memories.. memories that made me happy, as well as memories that made me sad.. but all that matters now is everything is over, and I should just walk into the light.. stand up once again, try opening up once again.. it's difficult.. I know.. but I will try. I have to try .

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hi to people who are still reading my blog.. I dont know why you read it.. cause its all like random shit in my life.. HAHAHAHA! but anyway.. I have this assignment to do, which is due next wed.. then I'm stuck halfway.. I think I am just going to anyhow add stuffs in and pray it works. I really need to code more.. and today, I went home for dinner again~ I had chili prawns~ my favorite dish.. but I was so hungry I didnt took a pic.. hehe.. I created some stuffs for my game too.. but I dont even know if it works.. :( but I think I'll just try then..

Leaving work aside, I decided to stop living in the real world and go back to my fantasies again.. because living in my own world where I don't think about so many stuffs, and just focus on stuffs I want to do is so much easier then trying to make people like me, or understand me.. So, I dont care if you dont like me or what Im doing or my existence.. I MAKE MY OWN RULES! hahaha! so my smiles from today onwards would be caused by my fantasies and awesome memories and the thought of home cooked meals everyday~~ Thats the life I want.. Not a sad and depressing life where you think no one understands you or hates you.. So, I am going to stop being friendly.. SOUNDS SO BAD.. but well.. If  you want to talk to me, I will reply like always, just maybe take hours or something.. I dont know.. depends if I am with my phone..

Because in my own world, there is no such thing as using the phone every single minute to find out if your friends replied to you or whatever.. and so, I will leave things as it is, and do things I want, my way. But if any of you dont like me like this.. want me to treat you different, you can always say. HAHAHA! cause I am used to it already.. I can do anything I want now that I dont care. Since even though I dont do things my way, people also think I dont care.. SO WHO CARES! I happy can liao..